Team Event: Pegasus at Nuclear Rush 2015

May 16 saw a 60+ team of Pegasus peeps attend Nuclear Rush at Kelvdeon Hatch.

We can't really put it better than Pegasus regular, Lloyd Web, so we've nicked what he said from the Pegasus Military Fitness Group page:

  • 63 members of Pegasus who did nuclear - I counted the photo but got a different number every time

  • 12 km which is further than it sounds

  • 8 km where my knees and hip stopped working

  • 85 obstacles by my count happy to be corrected which is a lot

  • 2 really good ones - zip wire and water slide - would have happily done both 40 times and missed the rest

  • 220 minutes it took to get round - bit slow I think

  • 47 - the number of orifices and places you can get mud stuck up and in

  • 7 the number of ladies... you know who you are - thanks - who happlily dragged me round at some point during the course

  • 4 the ladies who waited for me so we could cross the line as a team

  • 3 - our instructors - Barry, Dave and Mark - who train motivate and inspire us to believe we can do this

  • and finally, 1 - one Pegasus Military Fitness - possibly the best fitness boot camp in the world... you decide!


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