Team Event: Pegasus at Lactic Rush 2013

Date: Sunday 12 May 2013

Location: Kelvedon Hatch, Essex


Price: £35 (less 10% discount if part of a team)

What a way to spend a Sunday morning!

Seven miles (although we later found out it was more like 8.5!) of challenging cross-country running, interspersed with over 30 obstacles - ranging from a few stacked hay bales through to neck-deep water and impossibly slippery muddy banks and slopes.

This was Pegasus Military Fitness' first ever team outing to such an event and - wow! - what a memorable day for all concerned.

Twenty of us, all decked out in maroon team Pegasus T-shirts, took on the course and everyone got to the finish, working in groups to encourage and literally drag people round at some points.

There were so many highs during the day, including the sense of pride Simon and I felt seeing everyone so up for this challenge; watching and helping individuals overcome their fears and worries; seeing Tricia plunge down the slide and straight under the water was outstanding, especially considering she has real issues with being submerged - but she knew the group would be there to 'rescue' her if she needed them.

Also Ricky, starting at the back of over a 1000 entrants and coming a respectable 15th overall, was pretty special and we will improve on that next year for sure!

Times and placings are not what it's all about though - for us it was the grins, sense of achievement and group spirit that we knew the event would provide.

The words above can't really convey the 'buzz' and camaraderie that was felt before, during and is still continuing after Lactic Rush 2013. You can check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds on and around 12 May 2013 to get a feel for it though.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for our next team challenge!

View more Lactic Rush photos on the Pegasus Flickr site.

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